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Project Description

Toyam Industries Limited is launching India’s first resident, full combat training facilities in major cities of India, in association with a world class Resident Training gym. Talks are currently underway for a franchise and licensing with Tiger Muay Thai, world’s biggest and most recognized MMA and fitness training camp. In the first financial year, one such facility will be launched in outskirts of Mumbai and Delhi each, preferably in a Joint Venture with an investor who is willing to provide land to construct such a facility, against a consideration of revenue sharing.

Such a facility will have courses for all types of martial arts, combat trainings, Boxing, Yoga, and weight trainings. It will be single point training facility for those who want to train in such combative techniques while feeling at a home away from home. This facility will provide not only training, but also accommodation and health diets. Toyam Industries Limited is in talks for several world class instructors to provide training classes for resident trainees.

Such a gym will have facilities like, Training, Accommodation, Transportation facilities, Gym equipment for rent and sale, Organic F&B, laundry, Internet Access and Entertainment facilities. Resident Training Gyms will have 120 resident capacity and will also be open to guests who just want to come for daily fitness exercises and diet plans.