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Toyam Industries Limited aims at positioning Kumite 1 League as a new age youth centric brand with a target audience from 16 year olds to 50 year olds. The Company believes that the huge potential of a youth centric brand based upon martial arts from India (the origin of martial arts through ‘kalaripayattu’) establishing a world renowned fight league and subsidiary synergized standalone related business models is the need of the hour and creates huge potential not just to the investors, but also to the community. We believe true success can only be achieved by eventually benefitting and uplifting society.

Toyam Industries Limited has earmarked its first event to be launched in September 2018 in Dubai, UAE.

Creating an Integrated League Platforms: Merchandising and converting fan following into business generates huge revenue and provides sustainability for a sports league. In India no sport league provides such a platform where sports and ancillary businesses are connected. There are various brands which sell merchandise but sales numbers are real low because neither league operators nor brands put in any effort to connect with people when it comes to merchandise. The solution would be to launch such a platform which not only offers various merchandise, but also organizes events for people to connect with the league brand and players. Such a platform should also launch different hangouts for people, each hangout featuring all the products and services offered by the sport league. The basic structure of K1L platform in itself provides solution to all of the above issues with merchandising in India.

Targeted Sports Marketing: To create interest and awareness among people, a sport should be able to connect with people and in a country like India, a sport should be marketed in such a way as to create identification with various groups. India has so many fighting techniques used since ancient times for warfare and self-defence buried in folklore and villages. A platform which brings these techniques back to the mainstream and helps establish such techniques as a part of Mixed Martial Arts, is sure to get widespread popularity and support. City or state specific teams cause the residents of that particular locality to associate their regional identity and pride with their teams, creating a loyal fan base. Organizing camps towards fulfilment of social responsibilities is another indirect but very effective way to connect with masses. KIL Platform has planned out marketing considering all of these points in check.

Structures to promote sports: Lack of structure to tap talent is one of the biggest challenge in India. There are many who have talent but cannot go ahead either because lack of guidance or lack of basic facilities. A sports league which wants to make it big, should organize free guidance sessions and training sessions for deserving candidates. Private sector needs to put in more money into sports which are not cricket. This will ensure that players who are interested in different sports can go to the respective training facilities and appear on the national/international scene without having to go through long and tiring red tape associated with traditional government routes. KIL has already launched its KIL training facility, which is being used as a talent hunt, guidance and training facility for deserving, ill equipped talents.

Bench Strength: In any sport, bench strength comes when the sport has not only become popular, but also economically viable for players. And a good bench strength is requires to raise the level of competitiveness and thereby making it more popular. Contact Sports have become very popular worldwide and even in India such sports are getting a spreading fan base. However, more people will come forward as players when a fight sports league starts operations and shows to the people that it has widespread acceptability and it’s a good choice economically to opt for the career of an MMA fighter. While KIL training facility will encourage those who cannot afford to train on their own, the league will ensure that deserving candidates not only get a chance, those who perform get very good money in terms of contract fee, sponsorship and merchandising, making the sport an economically viable option, and thus increasing the bench strength.

Clear Social message through Sports: K1L logo and branding revolve around the social message of harmony and peace, while trying to conquer inner struggles to attain the ultimate goal, ‘peace’. This message is very much in sync with Indian people, unlike violent combat sports elsewhere in the world, and hence KIL is bound to generate wider acceptability among people through its social messages. This message will also help removing any confusion from the mind of the people about this game promoting violence.

Role Models: As we have mentioned in the visibility section, K1L will be producing short films describing inner fights of fighters, both inside and outside of the ring. Our fighters will set an example to the young generations with their behaviour in the public by setting an example in both public and personal life. Cricket is a huge game in India because of its role models, and KIL will ensure that its not players from just one sport Indians look up to as role models.