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  1. There are 3 aspects of K1L Scoring. Stand Up, Takedown and Ground & Pound scores. All are ADDED scores by each judge on their scoring “COUNTERS”.
  1. STAND UP: Three Judges will score each fighter by each landed strike “1” Point (Punch or Kick) per strike landed clean and with power. Judges will decide the scoring based on extent of damage inflicted on the opponent. Glove to glove contact does not count as points, clash of kicks, and neither does slap punches while in a clinch.
    • Keep in mind, a kick that lands but is “CAUGHT” by the receiving fighter and the receiving fighter FOLLOWS with a counter that lands effectively, or a throw/sweep that is executed effectively, the kick DOES NOT count as a point.
  1. TAKEDOWNS: After each throw, takedown, sweep etc., the judge will score and award points if earned without stopping the action. Once the fighters are on ground they would be given 10 second to continue GROUND & POUND or the referee will stop the fight to make the fighters resume stand up fight. He will also yell to continue action verbally. Points shall be recorded by each judge on their count “Counters” in each of their hands to the awarded fighters point total for effective takedown/judo throw execution.
  1. GROUND & POUND: ABSOLUTELY NO CHOKES, NO LOCKS NO SUBMISSION ATTEMPTS ALLOWED. No clawing, pressure point strikes, twisting techniques, slamming techniques or un-sportsman like attitude while the fighter is on ground. 1st time Warning – 2nd time Disqualification. 5 seconds to execute techniques while on ground or after countering a point scored on you – head referee will reset each match after 5 count. No knees or kicks to the head are allowed.
  1. KIL JUDGES SCORING: A judge shall be authorized to score a match.  The total of three(3) judges, each for three different direction by the ring side shall stay during a match. There shall be the total of two(2) sub judges, one for each red and blue corner. Sub judges would be used in case of reconsideration for judgement or “APPEAL” where sub judges will review a video of the fight with other judges and confer whether the judgement has made precisely. The referee shall announce “APPEAL” during or immediately after a match.
    • Scores from all the judges will be added in real time and TOTAL amount of points for each fighter will be displayed through electronic counter system live.
    • At the end of the bout, unless the bout was stopped prior to the end of the scheduled rounds (KO, TKO DQ etc.) the fighter with the most rounds WON will win the bout.


  1. The fighter with the most ROUNDS WON at the end of the bout is the winner OR;
  2. If a fighter is knocked out, receives a TKO (Technical Knockout) or the referee stops the bout because he feel a fighter is not able or should not continue due to safety issues, the other fighter will win the bout OR;
  3. Other ways to stop a bout and win a bout can be due to Injury or Disqualification due to Fouls.

Weight classes of contestants: K1L fights are in the following weight classes:

  • Bantamweight: max 60kg
  • Featherweight: max 65 kg. max 143 lbs.
  • Lightweight: max 70 kg. max 154 lbs.
  • Welterweight: max 77 kg. max 170 lbs.
  • Middleweight: max 85 kg.max 187 lbs.
  • Light Heavyweight: max 95 kg.max 209 lbs.
  • Heavyweight: over 95 kg over 209 lbs.

Fighters need to wear special K1L gloves designed for effective standup and takedowns. The weight of the gloves is determined as follows:

  • Featherweight max 65kg / 143 lbs. or lighter shall wear 8 oz. gloves
  • Lightweight max 70 kg / 154 lbs. or heavier shall wear 10 oz. gloves