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Teams SIX
Ring Shape Hexagon
Rounds per Fight THREE
Round Duration FIVE Minutes
Break between Rounds FIVE Minute

Franchise Team:

8 Franchised teams in 2 groups compete against each other in a league format. Franchises from different groups can only meet if they qualify for the playoffs after they complete in league level matches against each other. There is a unique scoring associated with the league which team can advance from their respective groups. Teams win by winning maximum number of fights.


  • Fighters selected to ascend to the League will have to commit to NINE (9) months of fight league.
  • Fighters will be fighting each and every other fighter within their respective weight category for point’s accumulation for their teams.
  • Fighters may choose to withdraw from certain fights / matches through their own strategized planning as long as they think they are able to retain themselves in the top position to qualify for the next round


Teams representing franchises across the globe compete in a league formatthat leads to play-offs and a final. The franchise is responsible for therecruitment of fighters from the fighter pool provided by K1L, preparation of the teams and for logistics pertainingto the competition. Each team is also allowed a quota of overseas fighters: a maximum of 5 in total and no more than 2 from same nationality.

The national K1L season takes the form of a league phase, with the teams facingeach-other at home and away. The topteams going through to the Play-Off stages.

It is mandatory that each Franchise has a minimum of two (2) fighters per Weight Category.