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In today’s turbulent times, the lost young generation is saddled with loneliness, grief and confusion with no clean path or direction. The online revolution has stolen the biggest foundation ‘Sports’ away from the youth.

KUMITE” meaning Fight in Japanese. It is the basic philosophy behind the Kumite One Fight League. A full contact high intensity and thrilling sport where the fighters’ skills are tested on key attributes, like, Focus, Speed, Balance and Endurance. An exciting fusion of Martial Arts, Karate, Kung-Fu, Sumo, Sando, Ninji-Tsu, Wrestling, Boxing, Marine Core & Muay Thai.

KUMITE 1 allows realistic nail-biting full contact combat under stimulated scenarios, recreated in the form of copyright sets.

A carefully designed logo with the colour Red, which stands for Energy, Vibrancy & Blood which epitomizes the need for family bonding, has been subtly ingrained in the logo concept and acts as a sublimed message to the youth whenever they see or spot it.

The dragon on top of the logo has been implemented carefully. Chinese dragons are legendary creatures, in folklore the dragon traditionally symbolizes potent and auspicious powers, particularly control over the elements like water (Rainfall, typhoons and floods). The dragon is also a symbol and good luck.

The white background symbolizes ‘Peace’, and integral quest for all humans who are running forward trying to attain it. We believe that true peace can only be attained by surrendering, stepping back and looking within, hence the white background intelligently delivers a sublimed message of restraint and looking within to the youth.

An integrated sports platform uses this key element of a high intensity MMA sport as a platform in the form of THE KIL LEAGUE to drive across one clear message to the youth. The message of discipline, focus, resilience, patience and willpower the youth can be empowered to face any adversity or obstacle in life. We at Toyam Industries Limited believe that every individual today is a fighter and the fight is not restricted to the ‘Ring’.
Brace yourselves for the world’s most exciting Fight League, which promises to pack a punch and raise the bar in the field of sport fighting!!